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Singapore is one of the most sought after island nation in Southeast Asia. It has a rich heritage that has beautifully blended with modernization to attract thousands of tourists to the country. Singapore, it is also considered to be one of the most business-friendly economies in the world apart from being known for cleanliness, electronics and cosmopolitan vibe.

In order to apply for a Singapore visa, you will have to have a valid passport, a recent photograph, and Letter of Introduction (LOI) from a family member, friend or the company that is inviting you to Singapore.

You must also fill up Form 14A, with your basic information, travel purpose and tenure of your stay. As part of the offering, our experts will help you fill up the form and analyze the documents to ensure error-free application.

Once the documents are arranged, our experts will help you apply for visa much ahead of your travel schedule, provided you have the LOI from a local contact with a confirmed flight ticket.

If you are going on a social visit, you can stay and enjoy all the things that the country has to offer, except for taking any employment. However, in case of business visit you will be allowed to conduct business deals, give presentations, attend conference and seminars.

However, you have to leave the country before the visa expires or the authorities have a right to press legal charges against you.

If you want to visit Singapore for business or travel purpose, then you must check out connect with us. We can help you get your visa to Singapore on time.

Tourist Visa Application Details:
• Original passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of intended travel
• Completely filled and signed visa application form 14A
• 2 latest passport size white background photographs with 70 % face 35x 45mm area on the semi-matt paper and completely visible ears and forehead.
• Covering letter on the company’s letterhead stating name, passport number and the purpose of travel with the accompanying applicant’s passport details
• Applicants latest personal bank statement (if the first-time traveler)
• Return Ticket itinerary/traveling dates to mention in the form
• Personal contact number.


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